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Personal Touches

Sometimes you just want to add a little something extra as a keepsake or to personalize an item. The following items can be added to anything we sell or just sold alone.

We have a variety of spiritual items, crosses, angels, throws, plush stuffed animals- teddy bears, lions, ducks, cows, rabbits, dogs, cats and more. 

We have items for Fishing, Hunting, Sports and more. Just tell us what you are interested in and we will be happy to help.

 Candles, crystal, ceramics, oriental and much more. It is impossible to have a photo of everything we have to offer, with new items arriving all the time.


 A throw on an Easel that can be removed and given to a family member to comfort them after the service. 

 additional throws





 Small Plaques to be added to an arrangment, easel spray or plant

$24.95 each

stepping stones







praying hands




Fish 1


Fish 2


Fish 3 smaller fish comes in a school of three fish


Fisherman Prayer


Broken Chain plaque



Cowboy Boot- several colors to choose from


The lords prayer book


Various vases


Deer Hunters Prayer plaque





I Am Free Plaque


Our Father plaque


Above is our display with variety of crosses, praying hands, plaques. Below is a close up sample of some of the many items we carry.



The boxes below can be sent as a gift alone, with flowers or plants, candles or other items.




showing the inside of box.






If you don't see what you want, ask and we might be able to get it if time allows.